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LISA is “a gravity wave observatory that would open an entirely new window in the universe […] it would be unprecedented in the history of astronomy if the gravitational radiation window being opened up by LISA does not reveal new, enigmatic sources.”
2010 “astro2010” Decadal Report, National Research Council

“LISA is an extraordinarily original and technically bold mission concept. LISA will open up an entirely new way of observing the universe, with immense potential to enlarge our understanding of physics and astronomy in unforeseen ways.”
2007 NRC Beyond Einstein Program Assessment Committee (BEPAC) Report - finding #4

This webpage has been established as a place to collect information about LISA mission activities. Refer questions about content to Tom Prince or Michele Vallisneri.

To learn about or join the LISA International Science Community visit the LISC webportal, or the public webpages related to LISA and maintained by NASA and ESA.

Outreach material aimed at younger kids can be found at the Space Place.

What's new

Updated information on the LISA mission, including links to references on the LISA mission concept, science, and technology.

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